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A world where the community steps in to help each other heal.
— The Age, Newspaper

We believe yoga is for everyone.

No matter your age, fitness level or income, our goal is to make yoga accessible to all and build a thriving community of practitioners focused on wellness and compassion.

We work passionately towards creating a supportive environment for students to practice at their own pace, without expectation, competition, or judgment.


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When I first heard about Jessica Dewar Yoga, I loved the concept. Donation-based, open for all regardless of how much money you have, really spoke to me. As a social worker, I see first hand the difference between those who have money, and those without. I knew this place must be different to other yoga studios, where barriers for me had always been monthly fees and times that didn’t fit in with my long work hours.

The moment I entered the studio I felt welcomed and cared about. Jessica took time to get to know me and helped me feel instantly comfortable. I love the diversity of people who come to this studio, all varying abilities. I never feel embarrassed for where I’m at, and all of the teachers are so skilled at offering a variety of options depending on what your body is ready for each day.

My time at Jessica Dewar Yoga has really helped me embrace my own “Yoga Journey”. I’m there for my mind and my body. I can almost touch my toes one day, and can’t get anywhere near the next, but that’s okay. I’m there to find my breath, take time out from the anxiety, stress, and pressure of a busy life. I always leave feeling proud of myself, more grounded and calm.
— Janice

The 2018 Winter Yoga Challenge

Challenge yourself to maintain a regular yoga practice during the chilly winter months.

Unlimited classes, endless benefits and the chance to WIN!

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Beginners Yoga: 4-Week Intro Program

INTAKE 1: Wednesdays, Jul 18 - Aug 08, 6.15pm - 7.15pm

INTAKE 2: Tuesdays, Jul 24 - Aug 14, 7.30pm - 8.30pm

Serenity of the Heart - Jessica Dewar Yoga

Serenity Of The Heart

Tuesday, June 26th, 7.30pm–9.00pm (Full)

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The Art of Breathing: 12-Weeks of Pranayama

with Jessica Dewar

When: Saturday's, July 21st - Oct 20th, 11.00am - 12.30pm
Investment: $350.00

(No classes September 29th & October 6th due to school holidays)

Pay as you feel.

Want to make a contribution? We have EFTPOS/Paypass, Online Payments, Unlimited Memberships, Multi-Class Passes and Gift Cards!

We have blocks, bolsters, straps and mats you can use too.

Oh and we run classes every day!

I had been previously practicing yoga for a couple of years and was losing my enthusiasm for the practice. Nothing just seemed to work. It felt like every studio I went to was just about hardcore exercise and how you look in each posture.

After my first class at Jessica Dewar Yoga I left feeling inspired again. Jessica got me back on track and really showed me how to use my body and mind together; which is what yoga is all about.

I now have a confidence in my practice that I can take away when I am traveling overseas or can’t make a class. My body is so much stronger now and not to mention my mind. I feel like I have really grown in the last year. There are now postures that I would never have believed my body could do and with the help of Jessica and the team it’s been possible.

The studio offers so many classes to fit anyone at any time of there life. After my 6am Ashtanga I leave feeling inspired and alive every morning.

I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a great, friendly space with such a beautiful community.

I’m truly grateful to all of the team for making Jessica Dewar Yoga such a beautiful space.
— Samantha

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