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Via Tendon

Growing up, Via had an on-and-off relationship with yoga. Not until she moved to Melbourne at the age of 18 when she actually started her practice. She remembers the first time her Aunt took her to a hot yoga studio. She almost passed out and instead of doing the natural thing of never returning, she thought “why not”. She’s a weird one!

 At first, Via practiced to gain flexibility and strength. That's why the silence and stillness never bothered her because she never had any awareness of it. But as her practice grew, she realised that it went deeper than just the body and the space started to become uncomfortable. After trying out a range of styles, from Bikram to Hatha, she fell in love with Vinyasa because the dynamic movements matched her monkey brain well.

Via completed her teacher training in Melbourne and continues to learn through workshops and master classes. She works full-time in the digital / social media industry and teaches yoga to under served communities on the side. According to her friends and family, her magic skill is being a bottomless pit. Though she doesn't drink coffee, she lives on green tea and chai. 

 Via teaches powerful flows and gentle Yin. She approaches each class with compassion and light-heartedness, and doesn't believe in taking yourselves too seriously. She will call you by your first name and remember your injuries, most likely your pet's name too! She's tiny and a bit bossy, but you're guaranteed to have a laugh and (ideally, according to her) sore abs the next day.