Tully Demirel

I have been drawn to yoga for most of my life. My earliest memories of the practice include poring of some of my mother’s yoga books as a young child and trying to copy the poses. I fell in love with movement and the bliss you can find when you are completely absorbed in it. Growing up and throughout my twenties I moonlighted as a circus artist, specialising as a contortionist. It wasn’t until about 6 years ago, dealing with recurring injuries, that I became more committed to my yoga practice. Initially, what drew me in was the physical side of things, being able to strengthen and nurture my body while still being able to make pretty shapes with it was very appealing. Over the years, it has become so much more to me, but the changes have been mostly subtle shifts. It’s only when looking back at the whole journey I can appreciate the magnitude and how piece by piece it’s infiltrated into my mindset and lifestyle.

I have also spent over 8 years working with people with a disability and their families. During this time, I supported people to explore ways of living a more independent, enriching and fulfilled life, and helped them connect to their community.

In 2018 I completed my Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching with the Australian Yoga Academy. I’m passionate about creating an inclusive, safe and nurturing practice for everyone. I hope to teach people the beauty in breath, using the breath to find the connection with their physical self, and ultimately find their own pockets of stillness and delight.