Ruhee Meghani

Ruhee has a Bachelor of Business Management and is an established yoga teacher with more than 900 hours of intensive theory and practical studies. After graduating, Ruhee decided to join The Yoga Institute in Mumbai – the oldest organized yoga centre in the world, established in 1918 by Shri Yogendraji.

During her first week as a trainee Ruhee had a blast. She quickly came to the realization that yoga fulfils her and teaching this technique is the only passion she wants to pursue in her life. After 18 months of training, Ruhee graduated as a Yoga Instructor in 2011.

Ruhee’s love for yoga developed at an early age when she regularly accompanied her mother to Yoga classes in her native city, Mumbai. Born and raised in the midst of the madness of India, Ruhee witnessed the transforming power yoga had on her mother’s mind and body while being inspired and motivated to pursue her own yoga adventure.

Before moving to Australia, Ruhee taught Yoga as a way of life to primary school kids and postgraduates at IISM - India's premier Sports Management Institute.

Having lived in cold Canberra for two years, where she studied Certificate III in Fitness Training from the Australian College of Sport and Fitness, Ruhee had spent the rest of her time working as store supervisor at a chocolate bar (since Yoga and chocolate are the only two things in her life which make sense).

Ruhee specializes in Hatha style Yoga – but her expertise (she has also been practising Iyengar, Bikram, Ashtanga, Aerial, and Vinyasa Yoga) has allowed her to creatively combine different yoga styles to suit her students’ needs and capabilities. With an aspiration to learn and grow each day, Ruhee has been collecting all the good karma the world can give out.

With a positive energy and a smile on her face, Ruhee will welcome you to her classes with her motto, "I believe Yoga is not about becoming a contortionist. It should be fun, simple to understand yet growing and developing at the same time!"