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Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy is a wonderful time to start or continue with yoga. You could be new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, having your first child or the third, in your first trimester or the last. All mummy’s to be are welcome and will be sure to leave feeling wonderful for not only taking time out for herself, but also her growing baby.

What are some of the benefits of pregnancy yoga?

  • In prenatal yoga would will learn different yoga poses to alleviate aches, including back and pelvis
  •  Practicing poses that stretch the arms, chest and lungs
  •  You will learn different breathing and relaxation techniques to help you sleep and calm the mind
  • Gentle stretches will help you to gain stamina and strength, and a regular practice will develop muscle tone, especially for the pelvic floor muscles
  •  It’s a fantastic way to improve circulation 
  •  Yoga is a wonderful way to prepare for birth (what ever type of birth you have in mind) and alleviate any worries you may have. What ever type of birth you have in mind, yoga is a wonderful way to prepare your mind, body and baby for birth.

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