20 Hour Online Mentorship Program

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Become The Best Yoga Teacher You Can Be.

Find the leader within.

The Jessica Dewar Yoga Online Mentoring Program focuses on real world teaching experience, helping you transition into the leadership role of a yoga teacher. The best part is… it’s all online, so you can be anywhere in the world!

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Are you a yoga teacher looking to learn more under a skilled mentor? If you’ve graduated from any 200 hour-training and would like to become an even better teacher, this mentorship is for you! Not only will you improve your teaching skills, but your mentor, Jessica Dewar, will take you out of your comfort zone and guide you to be the teacher you already are.

Do you feel that even though you’ve completed your teacher training you still:

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  • Lack confidence

  • Confuse your cues

  • Struggle to keep students

  • Avoid physical adjustments

  • Worry about sequencing

  • Stress out when you have to adapt your planned class sequence

  • Haven’t landed the dream teaching job

  • Face financial hardships

  • Unsure how to build your “brand”

If you can relate to any of the above, don’t worry. You’re not alone!

The Mentoring Program

As humans and yoga teachers, we continue to grow. This is why we created this program. We realize that your teacher training has set you up for success. Now, with the support of our mentors, it’s time to level up and share your talents with the world!

The best part about our mentoring program is that you can access it anywhere and anytime!

During the program we will work through and move past your self-limiting beliefs, so you can become the best yoga teacher you can be. You will also have:

  • The opportunity to network with future leaders in the health and fitness industry

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of key skills required to effectively lead a yoga class

  • Develop and deliver your personal brand

  • Connect with experienced industry leaders

  • Contribute to invigorating discussions on current industry specific topics

  • 20 hours Continued Professional Development (CPD) points with Yoga Alliance.


The Mentoring Curriculum

The unique part of our curriculum is that as you progress through each chapter, our mentors will provide you with experiential homework assignments, recaps and quizzes - to ensure you are confident with your learning journey. Over the 3 months, we will deep dive into:

  1. Psychology of Yoga

  2. Studio (or garden) Set-up

  3. Getting Out There

  4. Sequencing Like a Pro

  5. Confident Adjustmenting

  6. Private Yoga

  7. The Business of Yoga

  8. Putting it All Together


$495 AUD

Payment plan available

3 months x $185 per month

The Fine Print

The Jessica Dewar Yoga Mentorship Program does not guarantee a paid teaching position at Jessica Dewar Yoga. However, it will prepare you to feel confident moving into the audition process as a yoga teacher.

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Not Sure If This Is Right For You?

Before committing to the program, email us at hello@jessicadewaryoga.com with your questions. We want YOU to make sure this is the right program for you.