Join us in the studio this Christmas for a very special community

Om Chanting Meditation led by Jessica Dewar

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Om - the greatest of all sacred symbols and mantras in Eastern traditions. Om is more than a sound, it is the vibration of the universe, the energy that binds all things together. The more elevated our vibration, the closer we are to this eternal nature – our own divine nature. Be absorbed in this powerful mantra, allow the vibrations to penetrate every cell of your body and bring stillness into your life.

This Christmas we will share a beautiful Om meditation, where we will repeat Om for 109 rounds before coming into a period of complete silence and stillness.

What is Om?

In it’s simplest form, Om - it’s a vibration, a sacred sound. It’s power is in the sound, not the symbol. It is understood to be the sound of creation.

Om is the best way to bring ourselves to a state of Ishvara - which is beyond all limits of time and space. This is because Om is formless - so there is no limit to ourselves as we are formless. If you think of Christians who may pray to the image of Christ in their mind or Buddhists may visualise Buddha, Ishvara is beyond this and so Om takes us there.

The sound Om is made up of three parts: A, O, M kara (expression).

Each sound is speaking / resonating with a different part of our body.

A - resonates with the lower part of the body, from the waist down to the toes

O - resonates with the middle part of the body

M - resonates with the upper part of the body

Then when chanted together, we create the complete vibration of Om.

Join us in the studio to experience this powerful meditation. A truly special way to relax, rejuvenate and purify the body and mind.

Into The Evening

Once we finish chanting, let’s enjoy a chai and some nibbles together as we celebrate the holiday season. 🎄You are welcome to bring a plate to share.

What do I bring?

A comfy cushion, blanket or yoga mat to sit on. We also have bolsters, blocks and blankets in the studio people are welcome to use.

When: Saturday, December 15th 2018
Time: 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start

Limited Spaces. Must Register Online.

This event is FREE to attend. Should you like to make a donation, this year we are raising money for Cancer Council Victoria. You can make your donation on the night or online.