Jessica Dewar

Jessica has a Bachelor of Behavioural Science Psychology Honors degree, Diploma in Management, Diploma of Personal Injury Management, is a Full Member with the Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors, is an Internationally Accredited Yoga Teacher and has completed over 750+ hours of official training in Mysore, India with her teacher, Yogacharya Bharath Shetty. Jessica has been practicing yoga for over ten years, pursuing different styles before finding her true love in Hatha and Ashtanga. Jessica has taught over 2500 hours of yoga.

Having spent ten years in senior executive roles in both the private and government sectors,  in 2015 Jessica finally decided to make the break and pursue her passion for yoga. Working as a Senior Rehabilitation Consultant, with a background in Psychology, Jessica spent many years witnessing the debilitating effects injury and illness can cause to people’s physical and emotional health. On the flip side, she was also fortunate enough to experience first hand the power of the human mind and its influence on our ability to recover from difficult and, sometimes, traumatic events. Throughout her career, Jessica has worked with some of the country’s best Physicians, Surgeons and Specialists and can honestly say she knows what it means to take a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Whilst her career offered meaningful support to her clients, Jessica’s true passion lies in the devotional practice of yoga. Having lived a high stress lifestyle (as a corporate employee), coupled with chronic lower back pain due to Scoliosis and five disc bulges (L1-L5), Jessica found solace in her practice.

Determined to follow her love of yoga, Jessica made the life changing decision to leave her career behind completely and founded Jessica Dewar Yoga. Whist some might say this was a risky move, she would say not making the move would have been the biggest risk of all.

Jessica has presented at many festivals and events, some of which include the Mind Body Spirit Festival, World Vegan Day, Evolve Festival, Go Festival and YogaFest. Jessica has also appeared in The Age, The Progress Leader, The Art of Healing, Go Festival Magazine, Australian Yoga Life and many other publications. Jessica is now planning to open more studios across Melbourne and Australia. She also intends to offer online yoga classes to broaden her reach.

Known for her warmth, devotion to her practice and her ability to encourage practitioners to challenge the bounds, regardless of experience or fitness levels, Jessica has become a sought after and well respected teacher.

Having spent her entire life in Adelaide, Jessica and her partner now reside in Glen Iris, Melbourne and have come to adore this bustling city.