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Nat Jefferis

I can't remember my first yoga class. While I know it was at a gym and I was super confused about all the weird names for the poses, there was nothing magical about why I started yoga. The magic came much later.

Before yoga became a significant part of my life, I was angry, irritable, dissatisfied and I had no idea why. Yoga has taught me about the importance of presence. How, when we pause, we can take time to respond rather than react. I have become more self-aware of my body, but also of the language I use towards myself and others. I find myself becoming more comfortable in stillness and quiet - just being. There is so much more joy in my life now and how could I not want to share that with others!?

I trained in Bali, Indonesia completing my 200 hour YTT in 2016 and 300 hour YTT in 2018. I want people to understand the power of moving, no matter what it looks like. Yoga is not just about the asana. I teach it and I love it. But what I love most is when students start to understand that it's so much bigger than asana. It's how you interact with the world and yourself.