Mysore Style - Hatha Foundation Series

Mysore Style is the traditional way yoga is taught in the city of Mysore, India. Jessica Dewar, has learned this approach to yoga from her teacher in Mysore, Yogacharya Bharath Shetty, and upon personally experiencing profound benefits from the practice is committed to sharing this approach with practitioners in Melbourne.

A set sequence of yoga postures is learned by the student and each student moves through the sequence at their own pace. Individual instruction is given by the teacher as and when needed. A beginner will naturally be given more instruction than an advanced practitioner but both practice in the same class.

If you're a beginner then one of the best ways to start is in a Mysore Style class as there is no need to “keep up” with the other students making yoga a much safer and less stressful way to learn. You will be taught from the very beginning and the teacher won’t move on until you have fully understood. Working at your own pace your teacher will keep a watchful eye - instructing, correcting and encouraging as needed.

It must be noted that the misconception that Mysore Style classes are only for students who have already established a regular yoga practice could not be further from the truth. On the contrary, the setting allows the student and teacher to work together at a much more personal level, which is ideal for beginners. So there is absolutely no need to be intimidated.

All levels are welcome. No prior experience necessary. See Mysore Style Guidelines for more information. 

*Classes coming very soon!!! Head to the Timetable page and tell us your preferred day/time for this class.