Mysore Style Guidelines

The most intimate, personal and beneficial way of practicing yoga is also the most traditional, time-honored and historic method. The ‘Mysore Style’ approach is named after the city where Jessica's teacher Yogacharya Bharath Shetty lives and teaches.

It is commonly misconceived that practitioners must be advanced to practice Mysore Style. In actual fact, this is the traditional way to begin and learn your yoga practice.

In these unique classes, you are taught to take responsibility for your personal practice and create a deeply trusting relationship with your teacher. It is also the only way more advanced asanas (postures) can be safely taught as you will learn correct technique whilst being guided and observed by your teacher. Through your dedication to your practice and one teaching method, you will quickly notice significant changes in; the ease with which your body moves, the strength of your mind and your balance to overall health.

It is through this intimate experience between teacher and student that the most powerful learning occurs; hence the reason why Jessica is so excited to introduce this to the NKDY Studio.

It is recommended (however not compulsory) all new students to the Mysore Style commit to a minimum of one month of practice, attending three times per week. This allows for the fundamentals of your sequence to be learned and for your teacher to get to know you, your body and what you need to progress. You will witness huge growth during this time which you can then maintain and build upon through your ongoing practice.

If you're nervous about Mysore Style but would like to see how it works, you're welcome to seek the teacher's approval to observe the class first. You may also choose to participate in one of our Beginner Yoga courses before commencing your Mysore practice.

New students should read class etiquette, which may be found here.