3 Month Online Mentorship Program

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Become The Best Yoga Teacher You Can Be.

Find the leader within.

The Jessica Dewar Yoga Online Mentorship Program is designed to advance your knowledge and confidence as a yoga teacher. Learn how to enhance the classroom experience for your students for optimal learning, connection and growth.

All too often we meet teachers who:

  • Lack confidence (which stops many teachers from even getting started)

  • Confuse their cues

  • Struggle to connect with their students

  • Struggle to KEEP students

  • Avoid physical adjustments as they’re not sure how

  • Lack creativity with sequencing

  • Are unable to deviate from a pre-planned class sequence (even if it is inappropriate for the students who are in attendance)

  • Are continually knocked back from teaching opportunities

  • Have poor business skills and are suffering financially

  • Don’t know how to build their own following and/or personal brand

If you can relate to any of the above, don’t worry. You’re not alone!

Whilst teacher training forms a foundation for your yoga journey, it doesn't necessarily prepare you to lead a clear, professional, and confident class.

The Jessica Dewar Yoga Online Mentoring Program focuses on real world teaching experience, helping you to step out of your comfort zone and transition into the leadership role of a yoga teacher. During the 3 month program, we will continually work through self-limiting beliefs around teaching yoga, encouraging you to move past them so you can become the best yoga teacher you can be.

Throughout the program, you will:

  • Have the opportunity to network with future leaders in the health and fitness industry

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of key skills required to effectively lead a yoga class

  • develop and deliver your personal brand

  • Communicate with experienced industry leaders and learn from their experiences

  • Contribute to invigorating discussions on current industry specific topics

Strip away obstacles that hold you back from delivering outstanding yoga classes and becoming a name in the industry

Our Online Mentoring Program will work with you, step by step, to help you develop confidence and accelerate your learning in the following areas so that you can become the successful yoga teacher you dreamed to be.


Psychology of Yoga:

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  1. Becoming a confident leader: What you fear and how to overcome it

  2. Teach from the heart, not the head

  3. Experience does not mean excellence

  4. Read your students: Teach what they need & learn to think on your feet

  5. Experiential: Case Study / Homework Assignment

  6. Recap

  7. Quiz

Studio (or garden) Set-Up:

  1. Why you do not need the perfect studio

  2. Creating an inviting space wherever you are

  3. Professionalism is crucial

  4. Positive class setup

  5. Creating ambience

  6. Respecting the space

  7. Experiential: Case Study / Homework Assignment

  8. Recap

  9. Quiz

Your Presentation:

  1. First impressions last

  2. The ‘Welcome’ is key

  3. How to create a safe, trusting environment

  4. Experiential: Case Study / Homework Assignment

  5. Recap

  6. Quiz

Sequencing like a Pro:

  1. Lesson planning: Be organised but stay flexible

  2. How to open and close a class, properly

  3. To chant or not to chant?

  4. Teaching advanced asanas

  5. Experiential: Case Study / Homework Assignment

  6. Recap

  7. Quiz

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Confident Adjusting:

  1. Important adjustments

  2. Cues versus adjustments

  3. Be heard and not seen: Finding your voice

  4. Physical adjustments: When, How and Where to appropriately touch students

  5. Experiential: Case Study / Homework Assignment

  6. Recap

  7. Quiz

Private Yoga:

  1. Teaching 1 vs 200 students: Why private yoga is more challenging, rewarding and the quickest way to gain knowledge, confidence and experience

  2. Engaging, safe and confident private yoga teaching

  3. Staying safe as a private yoga teacher

  4. Experiential: Case Study / Homework Assignment

  5. Recap

  6. Quiz

The Business of Yoga:

  1. Presenting yourself in your best light: Resume & Cover Letter assistance

  2. Getting business savvy: How to find your first student

  3. Get out there and teach

  4. Sustainable business through giving

  5. Your business partners, why you need them and how to find them

  6. Experiential: Case Study / Homework Assignment

  7. Recap

  8. Quiz

Putting It All Together:

  1. Integrating what you’ve learned

  2. Next steps to maintain the confident leader and yoga teacher you are

  3. Important takeaways

  4. Final quiz

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  • Unlimited email correspondence with Jessica Dewar and her senior teachers

  • Lifetime access to the Jessica Dewar Yoga private Mentorship Program Facebook Group

  • Weekly modules, assignments and recommended learning

  • Weekly live Q&A video with Jessica Dewar

  • Weekly video content


You will be encouraged to complete both reading and writing assignments weekly, ask and respond to questions in the Facebook Group, and attend our weekly live Q&A to maximise and accelerate your learning, confidence and teaching experience.

To gain real world experience, mentees are to organise and lead at least two x 30 - 60 minute community classes throughout the duration of the course. The class is to be recorded and uploaded the Facebook group for feedback from other mentees and your senior supervisors. Remember - yoga is meant to be experienced. It is 1% theory and 99% practice. So we need to get you teaching! And the Jessica Dewar Yoga Online Mentoring Program is the perfect opportunity to gain teaching experience by stepping of your comfort zone. Don’t worry we are with you the whole way to show you how.

Finally, mentees will be able to submit a draft resume and covering letter to a senior mentor for review and feedback two weeks prior to completion of the program. Our goal is to make sure your resume and covering letter is professional, relevant and engaging for potential employers to get you that audition! First impressions last and so it’s our job to make sure your best version of you is presented both in person and on paper.


$2,900 AUD incl. GST

$500 non-refundable and non-transferable deposit due upon acceptance.


1 x Full + Final Payment of $2700

2 x Monthly Payments of $1225

3 x Monthly Payments of $850

4 x Monthly Payments of $675


200-Hour Teacher Training graduate from any program


The Jessica Dewar Yoga Mentorship Program does not guarantee a paid teaching position at Jessica Dewar Yoga. However, it will prepare you to feel confident moving into the audition process as a yoga teacher.

Acceptance is subject to the Jessica Dewar Yoga admission process.