A Christmas Charity Event raising money for Cancer Council Victoria


Join us in the studio this Christmas for a very special community Kirtan Night, led by the amazing Sun Hyland.

What is kirtan?

Kirtan is a very different kind of music.  Based on ancient chants, it has the ability to quiet the mind if listened to with intention. You can think of it as a sing-along.

How Sun Hyland describes kirtan

Kirtan provides an opportunity for the participant to experience a moment or moments of true presence. This can have a very powerful effect, deepening our understanding of ourselves and our connection to all and paving the way for meditation and self-acceptance.

Some of the other benefits include: As we sing we gradually breathe more and more deeply. This oxygenates the entire body and activates the physiology. This combination of breath and rhythm can regulate brain-hemisphere imbalances, and settle the nervous system. As a result we can experience a reduction of stress and anxiety, improvements in out overall feeling of well-being and even improved immune response.

Opening the heart - yes it’s actually a thing! Difficult to explain but often experienced when singing mantra. Bhakti practices such as kirtan help us to experience the unity of all things, which in turns awakens our capacity for compassion - our hearts are opened!

Singing together for some time cultivates connection in the group. As we sing the mantra more and more or voices begin to synchronize at a vibrational level and we can have a very palpable experience of being at one with each other.

Kirtan is also known to induce a state of ecstatic bliss that is difficult to describe - you really need to experience it!

What do I bring?

A comfy cushion, blanket or yoga mat to sit on. We also have bolsters, blocks and blankets in the studio people are welcome to use.

When: Saturday, December 15th 2018
Time: 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start

Limited Spaces. Must Register Online.

This event is FREE to attend. Should you like to make a donation, this year we are raising money for Cancer Council Victoria. You can make your donation on the night or online.

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About Sun Hyland

There’s a magic that happens when voices come together! The breath deepens, vibrations synchronize and we are transported into the moment, at one with the group. Sun Hyland wants to take you there!

Mantra music combines Sun’s two  greatest passions- yoga and music. Singing mantra is a practice that you will find to be deeply meditative, physically rejuvenating and often heaps of fun! Sun’s uplifting vocal melodies and beautiful guitar playing create the ideal soundscape for this simple, joyful yogic practice. Over the last 8 years Sun has hosted chanting events and singing workshops at festivals and venues around Australia New Zealand, and he can’t wait to sing with you.