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Kid's Yoga

Kids yoga lessons are very creative, full of fantasy and magic. Together we travel on wonderful adventures with many fun and playful games. The lessons are very active, challenging our balance, strength, flexibility, flow, creativity, attention, concentration, memory, minds, and a lot more! All the learning is done through stories to keep children intrigued and excited.

Our Kids Yoga Classes are a beautiful way to introduce the philosophy of yoga to your children. Specifically, our classes will teach children:

- About the asanas (postures)

- How to understand, deepen and control their emotions

- How to develop healthy relationships, with themselves and others

We believe an early introduction to yoga, one that sparks imagination, focus and intrigue, is one of the greatest gifts we can offer to our children and our community.

45 minutes classes are held every Monday afternoon recommencing Term 3, 2018.

When: Monday's, Jul 16 - Sept 17 (10 classes)

Time: 4.30pm - 5.15pm