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Katherine Kennedy

Yoga took my life in an amazing new direction about 10 years ago, as I was recovering from a troubling period of lower back pain. An unexpected invitation to try yoga as a means of  aiding my recovery was offered, which I accepted. Since then, Yoga has become my cherished passion. When I step onto my mat, I am fully mindful of my energy levels, my placement in the present moment.

The rhythm of my physical practice is my constant companion, the breath. It is with the breath I am able to find moments of stillness and clarity in the mind.

Sharing the joy of yoga practice with fellow yogis, keeps me grounded. Brings me home, back to the true me.

Recently, after a rewarding career in Nursing and Midwifery for over 45 years, I decided to study a YTT course in Melbourne at Ihana Studio. It was such a rewarding experience. 

The reasons for undertaking this study was to improve my own practice, learn more about the history and philosophy of yoga as well as learn more about myself.

With the wisdom of years and now the teacher qualifications, I hope to inspire and reach out to all members of the community, and invite them to join me on the journey of life called yoga.