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Kat Stephens

Kat Stephens is a Melbourne based E-RYT 200 Yoga teacher. She discovered Yoga in 2009 after a friend introduced her to a Hatha Yoga class. Initially Kat found the poses funny and was often seen giggling her way through Baddha Konasana! However as time went on she felt the mental and physical benefits of a regular practice and it is now a full blown passion.

Kat is currently a Registered nurse in palliative care whilst also undertaking a Diploma of Ayurveda through The Australasian Institute of Ayurvedic Studies. Ayurveda is often referred as ‘‘The sister science of Yoga’’ And works beautifully in conjunction with Yoga practice and also as a standalone system of health.

Kat has travelled to India a number of times to expand her knowledge of traditional Yoga and has attended many workshops and classes to pursue her passion in the many different facets of Yoga.

She believes that movement, focus and breath helps us to re-connect to our bodies, helps us to move stagnant energy to make room for the new and allows us to ground ourselves, which ultimately allows us to shine.