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Jessica Hoadley

Jess first came to yoga in 2011 for a workout, but it’s the mental and emotional benefits that have kept her returning to class ever since.

She identifies as an ‘inflexible’ yogi – someone who needs to bend their knees in all forward folds, sit on props at every opportunity and is nowhere near the splits! She understands completely why inflexible people are put off trying yoga and is passionate about spreading the message that you do not need to be young, female or flexible in order to benefit from this practice. In fact, all you need is a flexible mind, to understand that it’s not about the poses at all…

Jess completed an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching at the Australian Yoga Academy in 2017. Her classes are inclusive, mindful and a safe place to explore your body and mind.

Outside the studio you’ll find her reading, surfing, or playing with her dog Abi.