How to prepare for your yoga practice

Place of practice: If practicing at home, choose a quiet, clean and pleasant room, which is well ventilated but not drafty.

Mindset: Always use gentleness and common sense in your practice.

What to wear: Loose, comfortable clothing should be worn during your practice. It is recommended you remove jewelry.

Yoga Mat: It is recommended you use your own yoga mat as you may feel more comfortable with this. If you do not have a mat, you are welcome to hire a mat at the studio for a gold coin donation.

Jessica Dewar Yoga_Preparing for yoga

Empty Stomach: It is recommended you wait three hours after eating a heavy meal before practicing. Snacks can be eaten up to one hour before.

Be sure to go to the toilet before your practice.

Diet: A balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals is recommended. Grains, pulses, fresh fruit and vegetables with minimal milk products are excellent for the body.

Avoid strain: It is important not to strain your body at any time as this can cause injury. It is recommended you listen to the instruction of your teacher before trying to attempt more advanced postures (asanas).

Possible symptoms: When new to yoga, various symptoms may be experienced during and/or following your first session/class which are the result of purification of toxins within the body. Sensations of itching, tingling, hot or cold flushes, feelings of lightness or heaviness may occur. Such experiences are generally temporary, but if they continue then discuss with your teacher.

Medications: It is important to advise your teacher of any medications you are currently taking as some postures (asanas) may need to be avoided.

Alcohol: Never practice under the influence of medications that contain narcotics or alcohol.

Make yoga a commitment to yourself: There are days that you will be more flexible than other days. Your body is constantly changing so it’s important to always be gentle with yourself, especially on days when your practice is a little more challenging.

And finally: Have fun, relax, and be kind to yourself.