Hope Windon

Hope’s intention with teaching is to harmonise the whole body through linking breath and purposeful movement. With a focus on strong, fluid and intelligent sequencing, efficient cuing and nurturing support, her classes cultivate wellbeing, growth and awareness.

Hope believes in the importance of playfulness and curiosity to further self- development and self-care, as well as challenging the mind and body to open the heart and find space, compassion and strength.

Drawing from her background in dance Hope weaves creative transitions with mindful breath to create healing experiences within the body and mind. She supports and guides a deeper connection to self through felt sensations and energetic shifts incorporating aromatherapy, hands on adjustments and breathing techniques.

For Hope, yoga is a lived practice that not only encompasses the way we move but also the way we breathe, eat and relate to our internal and external worlds.

Join Hope to explore together the transformative quality of yoga; returning to wholeness and aligning our bodies to our natural state of peace.