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Grete-Stina Tunger

Grete-Stina began Ashtanga yoga 8 years ago. Following 15 years as a professional gymnast, Grete-Stina found the practice of yoga very challenging as she struggled with flexibility and balance. What she did notice, however, was how wonderful the practice made her feel regardless of balance or flexibility. As her practice continued, Grete-Stina realized there was more to the practice than physical work. She began to experiment with different types of yoga; kundalini, vinyasa, christal yoga, bioenergetics and meditation practices. This led Grete-Stina to the unique teachings of Kriya Babaji Yoga; appreciating the simplicity, mindfulness and effectiveness she began to experience in her practice. Grete-Stina applies this same philosophy to her kid’s yoga classes.

Grete-Stina has been working with children for over 10 years. Whether babysitting, organizing summer camps, children’s birthday parties, coaching gymnastics or leading kids and family yoga classes, Grete-Stina loves to be with children. Having completed her teacher training with Rainbow Yoga Kids, Grete-Stina believes that our yoga practice should be a flexible, personal, fun and adventurous way of life.

To keep the attention and interest of her mini yogis’, Grete-Stina ensures every class is different, encouraging the creativity, playfulness and energy of the children to make every class memorable. Grete-Stina believes kids are simply wonderful and is in awe of their amazing ideas and wisdom they innately have.

Grete-Stina describes her home country, Estonia, as a something from a fairytale. A place where people still have a strong connection with nature and mythological stories about lakes, rivers and forests. She believes these offer so much value to a child’s learning and loves to share them in class.

Yoga makes every day of Grete-Stina’s life more enjoyable and she loves nothing more than to share this great feeling!