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Green Park

Green moved to Australia in 2013 to settle down with her partner. She was struggling to adjust to her new environment and went through a period of depression. During this time, she was neglecting her health, suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, and was having issues with her relationships. She decided that she needs to make a change and was searching for something she can enjoy. This is when she remembered that at one point she really enjoyed practicing yoga. 

As Green used to be an urban dancer during her high school years and currently practices breakdance, she instantly fell in love with Vinyasa yoga practice. She interprets yoga as a creative flow of movement which has healing powers both in physical and mental aspects. Green believes yoga can change people's lives as she personally experienced dramatic improvement on her health and relationships as a result of consistent practice. 

Green’s teaching style is very energetic and focuses on each students’ body alignment. Students love her creative and fun sequences and she always encourages students to challenge their limits and boundaries. She also loves to do hands-on assists to guide students to experience a deeper connection with their body and mind.