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Gabrielle Feingold

Gabrielle was propelled onto a teaching journey after many years of experience in massage therapy and dance. With this background, Gabrielle naturally fell in love with yoga when introduced to the practice in 2010 and has since never looked back. 

Gabrielle found that yoga offers a unique way into embodiment that few other modalities can. That it guides us through a rich framework of holistic practices to a deeper sense of connection and freedom.

Gabrielle’s aim is empower students with a sense of agency by meeting her students at the intersection of anatomical awareness, creativity, self-inquiry, and breath. Expect dynamic classes that will guide you to your edges in the spirit of self-discovery and play. 

Personally, Gabrielle is guided by dedication, kindness, and presence toward an ever-expanding connection to self, others, and the universe. Yoga is Gabrielle’s light on this path and she would love to share the adventure with you. Join Gabrielle and learn from one another through this wonderfully diverse and infinite landscape of yoga.