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Ferial Malik

Ferial is a traditional yoga Instructor who combines ancient Vedic wisdom with the contemporary western lifestyle through yoga postures and breathing techniques to improve overall balance, strength, flexibility, relaxation and awareness. She completed her Yoga Teacher Training under the strict guidance of her instructors at Samyak Yoga, in Mysore, India.

Ferial’s yoga journey may have started earlier than she imagined, with a strong traditional family background, she often questioned the freedom and joy in the disciplined and immensely content lifestyle her family followed. Her inquisitiveness led her towards exploring the ancient teachings in Yogic philosophy, meditation and eventually to physical asana practice. Ferial now strives to live by the philosophy that discipline is freedom.  She strongly believes “With a focused mind anything can be achieved”.

Yoga is a journey to bridge the gap between mind, body and soul. Over the last three years of her own Yoga practice, it has made her physically stronger, mentally resilient, taught her how to live in the present and be aware of it.

With the support of a medical background as a Diagnostic Radiographer (BTech: Radiography) she leads her classes with an emphasis on holistic wellbeing. Carefully selecting postures and breathing techniques that create harmony between the mind and body. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned “Yogi”, she encourages her students to come to the mat to feel rather than achieve.