Erlijn Bakker

As long as she can remember, Erlijn has been interested in movement. Starting with figure skating, she later in life graduated from Bachelor of Dance and Bachelor of Music. While she was studying, she felt she could not handle performance pressure very well and got injured regularly, which later on led to depression. One of her teachers recommended practicing yoga. Though she found her first asana class mentally challenging, there was something about the combination between asana, breath and mindfulness that gave her a huge sense of liberation and peace. Later on this opened a pathway to spirituality. The practice of yoga started to become part of her daily life soon and she finally started to feel at home in her own body and mind.

She went to India to deepen her knowledge and to become a teacher. After teaching in Cambodia, Laos and Holland, she made her way to Australia where she continued studies in Prenatal and Yin/Fertility Yoga.

‘I am truly passionate about yoga and always eager to learn more and deepen my knowledge. I love to geek out and immerse myself in books, movement or meditation. Yoga brought me so much peace and acceptance in this busy life. It grounds me, connects me and makes me realise what is truly important. I enjoy sharing this experience with others. It is beautiful and rewarding to see students discovering their own inner strength and peace. It’s amazing how yoga can unite people from all over the world, and I find it inspiring to exchange knowledge with people from different cultural backgrounds. I find teaching yoga allows me to share the love and kindness from within myself. It creates a sense of awareness and connection. Not only with myself and my students, but also nature, our beautiful planet and everyone and everything that inhabits it. ‘

In her classes Erlijn provides a balance between physical challenge and tender nurturing, helping to promote body awareness and a calm state of mind.