Yes, I might be a little crazy…

As I have mentioned before, it’s the little things you miss when you’re away from home. For some it could be their own bed, for others it could be not having to use bottled water to wash everything! Although these too are important to me, today I was missing to the two loves of my life - my Owen and my little, slightly round, pug pooch. The simple dream is to be held by one (I’m talking Owen here… just in case) and to pat the other.

Letting you in on a little secret of mine - each night when I walk home from class, I walk with my head leaning on my backpack looking up at the stars. Owen loves space, and by staring up at the moon and the few stars you can see here (smog is an issue), I feel a little closer to him. For pooch (Tyrone is his name) - I often find myself talking to the stray dogs in the voice I talk to him in. It’s a silly, playful voice, and the dogs here couldn’t care less about the attention I am giving them, from a distance of course, but it makes me feel a little better. A little closer to him also. No doubt there are Indian men on the side of the road thinking I am some crazy white girl talking to myself - but that’s ok.


Not quite the same as my pooch - but near enough

Although these are the little things in life (to be held only for a moment, or to feel the fur of my pooch), really - this is life. So not being able to have either of these special moments, I am trying to hold onto them in through star gazing or looking like a crazy person. It keeps me going.

Tonight I need to finalise my study in preparation for tomorrow’s exam. I’m terribly nervous - as well all are. There is a lot which I still haven’t learned, and I don’t think I will have time to learn. Yoga philosophy is complex!!! I will just do my best with what I have done so far, and hopefully that is enough.

I shall therefore leave you with that and I look forward to blogging about how I go tomorrow. Thank goodness it will be over soon (until part II of my training starts. Eek!).

Namaste xx

My boys