Why do all good things come to an end?

Well, my lovely four day holiday weekend in Victor has officially come to an end. I was back to work first thing this morning. Not so thrilled about that.

I can’t help but wonder why such wonderful things, experiences, moments - whatever it may be - always have to come to an end. There is so much time spent preparing, planning, getting excited - but then as soon as the moment arrives - whatever that moment may be - it’s over.

I guess I’m having a very existential moment right now as I can’t help but think back over the wonderful weekend Owen and I shared (walking on the beach at sunrise, lunches in exquisite restaurants, donuts at the sideshows), and now I’m back at work. How does this happen?

Maybe a part of my problem is a lack of ‘being in the moment’. This is where yoga really helps me. It brings me into myself. It makes me aware of the present and encourages me to focus purely on the here and now. I’m excited about the wonderful opportunity to deepen my practice whilst in Mysore. Only 3 weeks until take off!