Upping the anti

Well - our teacher has certainly upped the anti with our morning practice. I lost count of how many rounds of Surya Namaskara we did, but all I know is it certainly woke me up. We tend to be left in strong holding positions for what feel like hours at a time. I challenge people to stand in Utthita Hasta Padasana (foot hand extended) with feet about 4 feet apart, arms are extended to the sides and shoulder height, fingers splayed, pelvis tucked in and abs active. Just stand in this posture for 2 minutes and see how your arms and legs feel. They become like lead weights. But when you have to do this for the equivalent of about 15-20 minutes, through moving into other postures, believe me, it becomes a challenge. The sweat has gone from dripping down my back during these practices, to running down my back. Who would have thought such a simple combination of postures would work you so hard. This is why technique is so important.

Today we practiced Sirsasana (head stand). Never before have I been able to get myself near to doing this posture, correctly, but today I managed to bring my body into the correct alignment, with spine and shoulders uplifted, and bring both feet up to my chest. Although a strong posture, I felt sturdy - which I’ve never experienced. Woo hoo!

On a totally different note, whilst walking home this morning and begin dodged by scooters, trucks and rickshaws (you learn to keep walking here and they will work their way around you), I realised how my nervous system is working on overdrive at the moment. The constant tooting can be so shocking at times. Some days I manage to deal with it ok, but as I am already a hyper sensitive person, there are other days, like today, when you literally feel as though the body is going into shock every time another horn is tooted. I’m not sure this is something i could get use to on a permanent basis???