Training in Victor Harbor

Over the New Year break, Owen and I have decided to come to Victor Harbor and stay with mum and the rest of the crazy clan that is my family. Of all the places in the world, I can think of nowhere better to wake up than here. There is something magic about watching the sun rise above Encounter Bay - and i know Im not the only one who feels this way about this amazing place.

It’s been wonderful practicing on my beautiful mat with sparkling ocean views surrounding me. You just cant beat doing yoga at the beach.

Tonight, I have been working through the postures I have been learning the names for. There are many names which I still struggle to remember, but there are many others which are becoming firmly embedded in my mind the more I practice them - Tolasana for example. Usually it’s the postures I struggle most with which I remember more easily. Go figure!

Tomorrow morning I intend to practice Surya Namaskara at sun rise here on mum’s balcony. It will be silent, and peaceful, and just pure bliss.