Tis the season to be broke! Tra la la la la, la la la la!

Well, I picked up my visa from the Indian Consultant today! Lovely shiny pink sticker with my picture plastered on it in the middle of my passport. I can’t say I’m not terribly excited that this trip, my new future, is all beginning to take shape.

On the flip side I may send myself broke with Christmas before making it across to India! I have that many people to buy for, its scary. I have maxed out my credit card 4 times in the last week. Not good! I really need to sit down and review my budgets again (to make sure i am not putting myself in a dire situation by taking this trip).

i emailed Teal, who is a PT I met on Wed night at PRE Christmas party. Considering he is interested in working with yoga instructors, its always good to keep these contacts. Plus, he was just and awesome guy so it’s nice to keep people like him and his partner Leah in your circle of friends.

Actions from here:

Book flights

Confirm with accommodation if other yogis will be staying there also

Contact Manduka about a possible sponsorship opportunity

Look at getting a video camera

P.S. Owen and I made this tonight. I’m not sure what 9 year old could do this if it took two adults 2 hours!