Time to get serious

I emailed my yoga school today and asked if there is anything i can do to prepare for the thesis and presentation I will need to complete during my 2.5 month course. The more I prepare now, the more ‘real’ this trip is becoming.

Sadly, my partner and I have dealt with a number of problems relating to my family. All related to drugs and alcohol. As a result, Owen and i have decided we don’t need to stay in such a violent environment and have decided to move in with Owen’s parents temporarily. I will be here alone for the week with Owen’s parents whilst Owen is in Melbourne (starting his new job). To be honest, i am terribly uncomfortable about that (as I hate to impose on other people), but its a safer option than staying in my fathers house. My puppy, Tyrone, is also so much happier being here.

Owen’s parents, Kevin and Trish, live in the Adelaide hills. It’s so beautiful and quite up here. Surrounded by nature. What a magic way to prepare for my trip away. As guilty as I feel, it really is a wonderful decision which will be good for us all.

Trish has offered me one of the back rooms to practice in each day. There is also a huge outdoor decking area I can use. It couldn’t be more perfect.

Owen and I have been really upset lately about my trip which is looming up.  3 months is a long time to spend apart. Last time, it was 2 months before we saw each other again, which near killed us. Now its 3! I feel so grateful that we love each other the way we do. Tyrone is also my world and I feel terrible about leaving him - but i know I need to do it. Plus, he loves being with Kevin and Trish, so at least I know he is safe and happy while away.

Ok - off to bed now. Unfortunately I have work in the morning - but only 11 more days!!!!