The meaning of my yoga mat

I’ve spent the past week trying to pull together all the little things I’m going to need while i’m away. Shampoo, paw paw, moisturizer. I know how to travel light but these are the mini luxuries I will not negotiate on.

Mum has been really excited for my trip and has offered to get me a little going away present. I don’t have my mat yet, and it looks like Manduka will not be sponsoring me as I haven’t heard back, which is disappointing. I thought about asking mum to get my mat for me however i felt this was a gift I needed to buy for myself.

My mat represents so many things; a place of calm, a place of strength, a place to sit and truly explore my body, mind and soul, to have an awareness of self, to be present in the moment. This mat is also symbolic of the new life I am creating for myself which takes courage, commitment, determination and a will to succeed. So with all this meaning, I realised I need to select this mat for myself.

So instead, I have asked mum to get me a lovely new travel pursue which I need and will treasure. Its also my most used travel item so I thought it was a perfect idea. I was going to get this with Owen, as getting my pursue for the Europe trip last year was a really special memory (we were in Hahndorf at the time and found it on one of our relaxing outings) but this is something which I can let go and offer to someone else. New special memories with mum.

I’m a very sentimental person - maybe too sentimental  - but being sentimental creates a depth which helps me to connect with others, be appreciative of others and of experiences, and remember some of the most significant moments of my life.


Last night i practiced in the park whilst Tyrone ran around. It was so relaxing practicing on the beautiful lush grass being surrounding by nature and life. I certainly need to do that more often.

On a side note - as I will have my birthday whilst I’m away, mum wants to make sure I have my birthday celebration before i leave so it looks like a little going away/birthday party will be planned.