The time is now. What are you waiting for?

Since returning to Australia, I’ve been mesmerized by the stressful lives people live. Everything in our environment promotes stress here. Traffic, flashing lights, angry clients, loud noises, lack of trees in built up areas. Now, of course it’s all about perception and not everyone is stressed in this type of environment - but let’s just say westerners are not excellent at managing stress! In my case, I feel truly fortunate to have seen that this lifestyle would be considered heavenly to many in India, but not everyone has had this eye opening opportunity - so I need to understand and accept this.

Chatting with a young corporate woman today, she was so depressed about her life. An intelligent, pretty woman - she has everything going for her but she’s so consumed by the corporate life, and the stress associated with her job, that she’s generally unhappy and uninspired. I saw the old me in her. I’ve been there. I was there for too long and she was a reminder of what a life changing decision it was when I finally said “enough!” The cost on our health alone is too much - this is no way of living. Whilst talking with her about my journey, she seemed to light up. And so did I! Yoga brings so much joy to my life and I’m thankful everyday for having the courage to pursue it.

Hopefully my path may inspire others to take the sort of risks which make their hearts sing also.

Just remember - we only get this day once, so why not enjoy it?

Namaste xx