Marathon, Hugs & Goodbye

My Saturday went something much like the title implies: begin with a Surya Namaskara marathon at 6.00am (we got a sleep in); meet with Bharath to ask some final questions and give him my personal gift and thank you card; afternoon discussion followed by dinner with Bharath and his family.

Surya Namaskara Marathon

I really enjoyed this marathon. Having Bharath lead the class this time was really wonderful. It was great with Raghu taking the marathon class the first time, but there is something different about having your teacher lead this type of class. As the marathon is a type of active meditation, it’ nice to experience something like this with your teacher observing.

The class was mixed today where students from Bharath’s Mysore Style classes in his other Shala attended also. Indian Jesus was there too! These students were all Indian, most of whom would have been in their 50’s and 60’s. None of these people were, lets say, ‘slim’ by any means, and I could hear some were struggling with breath, but regardless they all managed to keep up. Taking breaks when necessary, overall it was impressive to see these people complete such a challenge. For us, we really liked being in a mixed class. It felt like a really ‘authentic’ experience… if that makes any sense?

Us teachers found this marathon to be much easier than the first time a month ago. Although still difficult of course, generally speaking we all managed much better.

Hugs with Bharath

At 10.00am this morning I returned to the Shala to ask some final questions of Bharath and to give him my little gift and card. I asked a couple of personal questions, for example; “What time do you practice as you are with us all day? What is your weight?” And then I asked a vain question about  body fat. “I have trained in the gym, weights, running, yoga, 1000’s of sit ups and yet still I have a belly. Why?” Turns out this was a good question to ask. Firstly, I need to look at my genetics. Secondly, if I were to suddenly have this muscly belly with tight abs it would be unhealthy as my body clearly doesn’t want to be that way, and finally people who have less body fat struggle with flexibility, especially in backbends. So now I know it’s my belly fat which allows me to do Chakrasana so well!

I also gave Bharath his sandalwood incense sticks and read my card aloud to him. Tonight I noticed my incense sticks were placed in his prayer room. I felt pleased especially considering Bharath doesn’t burn any oils or incense sticks as he doesn’t need them (I know this now). Doh! At dinner however, I noticed they had been placed in the prayer room. That made me feel really special. But with a snotty face after reading my card aloud to him, Bharath came and gave me a really big hug, quietly saying, “God bless you.” It was a really special moment which shall live on in my heart. 



Prepared for evening asana practice, Bharath entered the shala and advised there would be no evening practice. Instead this was a time to huddle together as a group and ask any questions we wanted. I was admiring how calm and centred everyone in the room appeared felt. I also think people were thrilled we didn’t need to practice, I would have loved to of kept going.

Gradually we made our way down stairs into the main lounge room. After a short while for the meal to be prepared, we all sat on the cement floor and ate our dinner. Bharath and his wife also joined us in time.


It was sad sitting there knowing this is the last time we will be together as a group having a fun conversation like this. The journey seems to have suddenly come to an end. But i know I this is all positive. What a wonderful journey indeed.

So with that I shall finish as my eyes are barely open. Until next time.

Namaste xx