What is perception anyway?

Sitting in my undies has become the latest morning ritual. After our morning vinyasa class my clothes are completely soaked. Over the past few weeks I’ve gotten use to eating breakfast and sipping tea near on naked - which is not something I would not normally do. Believe me! But, in order to dry out, this has become necessary. Chatting with a friend from class tonight, I actually asked if I was the only one swimming in my own sweat each day. He assured he’s the same, hence he bought a cotton mat to soak it up and try to keep some control. I’m just reluctant to get one as it will be another thing I need to carry home to Australia. But, to make the most of this final week, maybe it might be a good investment, as a number of asanas are being compromised purely because my hands and feet are not gripping my mat. Hmm. I shall take a look tomorrow.

After class today Brittany said an interesting thing to me. She thinks I’m Bharath’s favourite student. Firstly, I don’t think Bharath has favourites. He is there to teach us, not take favourites or become buddies with anyone. Owen told me this back when I thought Bharath didn’t like me at all (during the early weeks). Although I think this is completely untrue (Brittany’s comment) it got me thinking about the concept of ‘perception’. How our perception of ourselves is often so different to how the rest of the world sees us. I’ve never considered myself to be a ‘favourite’ of Bharath’s - in fact quite the opposite as I mentioned. And yet someone else in class is looking at me as though I am. Why? What does she see in either me or him that I don’t? All this highlighted is how our neurotic insecurities can completely taint how we view the world and ourselves within it. No view (mine or hers) is right or wrong, but I just think it’s something to be mindful of. That our view of ourselves or others is merely our interpretation, our perception. It is neither correct nor wrong. It’s just a perception. Often we worry about things which no one else sees - like me thinking my teacher didn’t like me. These useless thoughts, which unnecessarily take energy from us, need to be controlled. As Bharath says, “the most difficult thing to control in this world is the mind.” That is so very true. Just something to think about.

Finally, we are doing a lot more training re how to adjust students and help students into and out of asanas like Chakrasana (wheel / backbend). I find it incredible how I can support a fully grown male, who is bigger than me, into and out of asanas. However I tend to get really nervous with adjustments, but I’m sure with practice my confidence will improve. I just tend to worry I might hurt someone if I push too far, but of course I need to remember the student will tell me. Slowly, slowly. It will come.

Namaste xx

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