Take the plunge and follow your heart - there is no other way

As a uni student I recall feeling hopeful my ‘life path’ would reveal itself to me. Being accepted into a Behavioural Science Psychology Honours degree, I thought, “surely this must the the ‘life path’ I’m meant to be on?!” No. Turns out, it doesn’t work that way. For years I’ve worked in the corporate world, as you all know, and never has this path felt ‘right’. Don’t get me wrong - I was great at what I did (still am) - but did I find that work meaningful or fulfilling in anyway. Short answer - no.

So today, whilst sitting on my mat typing away (after a very present practice this morning) I’m excited to share with the world that I’ve been selected to present at both the Melbourne Evolve Yoga Festival as well as YogaFest in Brisbane, which is Australia’s biggest yoga festival - both being held in October 2015. Held once annually, I’m absolutely blown away by being selected to present - at both!

Now let’s be honest here. I’m not a business woman and I don’t have a fancy studio to promote via these incredible opportunities, but really it’s not about that for me. It’s about finding opportunities to share yoga with the world. So with that mindset, and with these festivals coming up, I truly believe I must be on the right path now. Doors are opening which I never dreamed were possible only a few short months ago. Don’t get me wrong, these doors are not opening without any effort on my part. There is constant research, phone calls, emails etc being sent in search of new opportunities, but at the end of the day, with this input from myself, everything just seems to be falling into place. My dream to share my knowledge with others is being made available to me and I couldn’t be more excited and grateful.


So how do people know if something is right for them? Firstly, to be clear, I’m certainly not pretending to be a life coach or gifted person who can magically give these answers to people. I’m offering ideas purely from my own experiences. So with that said - to be completely honest, when I left for India, I didn’t know if yoga would be ‘right’ for me. I knew I loved it, but did I want to teach it to others? I just wasn’t sure at the time. I thought I did, but I could have had a very rude awakening in India that this was certainly not what I wanted for my life. So therefore quitting my job and leaving my family for 3 months was a big risk on my part - all for something I wasn’t 100% certain would lead to the desired outcome. Turns out, this was one of the best, if not the best, decision of my life. But it took risk, and more importantly, a belief in myself that I could get through this. The latter is essential.

A favourite quote of mine which I would like to share with you all is - “what would you do, or try, if you could not fail?” Think about that for a moment. I’m sure the list could be over the page in no time if you take a moment to answer this question with all your attention and heart. Once complete, then ask yourself, “what’s stopping me from doing these things?”. When you know this, you can then start planning how to overcome it. Remember, lift is happening now. Not tomorrow. So take the risk and do what makes you happy - you never know what doors will begin opening for you also.

Namaste xx