Upavishta Konasana - the splits!

This morning I chanted the Yoga Sutra whilst in upavishta konasana pose as Im trying to do the splits. Turns out, I am not any nearer to doing them either! After sitting in the posture for over 10 minutes and trying to pull myself closer to the ground, I thought my legs were going to snap off. I could barely move when I got up! But me being determined, I will continue to practice until I get there.

On another note, people have been telling me all sorts of horror stories about India. About women be assaulted and gang raped. I’m a tough traveller but this really makes me nervous. I am not normally worried by this sort of stuff, but i know it is very much a different world over there so I can’t say Im not a little shaken by some of these comments. I guess I just need to be extra vigilant while Im there. Im really glad I have my taxi driver booked, from the airport, as well as my accommodation (at least until I choose otherwise if needed). This makes me feel a little safer. I will no doubt be far more confident given a couple of weeks there. Once i make Mysore home, all will be fine.