Testing the limits... Kasana is the goal!

I have 4 weeks until I leave and I’m still having difficulty remembering all the names of the many postures. But - I won’t give up.

I’ve found the best way to learn is to practice the posture as I pronounce it. Sometimes it’s the feeling of pain or complete uncoordination which makes the posture memorable. Let’s take for example Mayurasana. Although you can tell there is some serious strength in the posture, you have no idea how much until you try. Let’s just say I’ve ended up face first into my mat MANY times.


My excuse for being a little weaker than normal is being unwell. However, I don’t think that has anything to do with the difficulty I have sitting in Padmasana. I actually have bruises on the insides of my legs from practicing it.


My goal for the next 2 weeks is to hold Kakasana for 10 seconds. I know i can do that. Then I will think about Mayurasana…

To be honest - the difficulty in yoga makes it so much more exciting or me. Look at what amazing things the body can do when trained properly. It’s phenomenal. I just need to get there - but in my time of course.

On a totally separate note, the marketing manager for Manduka replied to an earlier email of mine and is seeking more information from me re sponsorship opportunities. Very exciting!


Namaste xx

Manduka - fingers crossed for sponsorship!

I wrote to Manduka today asking if they would consider sponsoring. Well - technically I wrote to Harmonica who I understand are the company who market Manduka’s products. If anyone would think it’s a good idea it would be the marketing team! Also, the info line didn’t get back to me re who a direct contact would be so fingers crossed I’ve emailed the right person.

I consider this will be a great opportunity to promote the products of Manduka!

Seeking sponsorship

Considering I will be jobless (but still with financial responsibilities) very soon, it would be amazing if i could get some help by way of sponsorship. And I figure any contribution would be so wonderful and helpful.

So what have I done? Well, I’ve realised that I have a story to tell, one which I believe many people in the world can relate to. Considering thing, I thought it would be a good idea to begin by calling magazine publications for yoga magazines. Who knows - they may want to write an article about it when this is all done and I am beginning my new life as a yogi back in Australia?? One can dream!

So I’ve called the publishers for Yoga Journal and Yoga Life thus far. The woman at Yoga Journal gave me a flat out “No!”. But, I did gain some useful insight into what they do and don’t sponsor. For example, if i am holding an event one day, then they would be happy to send some magazines out which I could distribute on the day as a free gift. I think that is really cool and will be sure to keep that in mind. They also pay for articles when people send them in and choose to publish them - but that’s about as far as they are willing to go with me!

I also spoke with Collin from Yoga Life. What a wonderful man. Although he too said no to sponsorship, Collin and I chatted for some time about my venture and he seemed genuinely interested in what i was doing - offering suggestions for how i could seek employment when I get back to Oz etc. He even said he would be happy to post this blog on their FaceBook page to help gain some more interest. What a lovely a lovely thing to offer. It’s a great reminder of the good people who are in the world.

In summing up today’s post - what I believe is so magical about the world is the opportunities which exist if you just open your eyes to them. Yes, both magazines said no to my original query, but look at what I have learned and gained from calling just these two people. Imagine what could be achieved if I kept going. xxx