A cautionary tale

The beautiful Kirsty Gallagher – who I trained with whilst in the south of France – has emailed me with some tips and cautions about traveling to India to practice and study yoga.

Some background first. Whilst in Europe late last year, Owen (home in Australia), found Kirsty’s yoga retreat and thought it was perfect for me to attend. Some tricky conversations with a couple of train stations later (to change pre-bought tickets) and I was on my way to Angouleme where I would be greeted by a Kirsty, other retreat goers and a mini bus. We were taken out of the city and to a quite, secluded location called, Les Passeroses. With nothing around, I was in for 7 full days of complete relaxation. Amazing home cooked food, swimming pool, massages and of course, yoga practice morning and night. Absolute bliss. Little did I know how this week would change my whole life.

Kirsty would have to be the best teacher, yogi, I have ever practiced with, and because of this I became determined to train where she trained. I wanted to learn from the master who helped Kirsty develop to beautiful practice she now shares with the world. Of course I will have a different approach to Kirsty overall, but I wanted to make sure the fundamentals are the same.

So here I am – booked and ready to train where the beautiful Kirsty Gallagher trained. Knowing Kirsty has been before me, I have sought her advice about accommodation etc. Kirsty has recommended I arrive in India a couple of days prior to starting my course and then spend some time looking for the right accommodation close to the Shala. I can then find out where the other yogis will be staying and possibly bunk with them. This way we stay together through the duration of the course. The added benefit, as Kirsty pointed out, is we can walk to class at 4.30am together as a group which will keep us safe. Apparently there have been a few incidents lately where women have been assaulted whilst walking to class. Considering I will be on my own, I am definitely going to take Kirsty’s advice on board and check out where the others will be staying. I’m a pretty savvy traveller, but I don’t want to put myself in a risky situation just because of my naïve belief that I will be fine so long as I have my wits about me. Wits or not – unfortunate things can happen and I am going to make sure I do my best to minimise those risks.

Thank you Kirsty Gallagher. For everything xx