Travel Doctor! There are scary things in the world...

Well, my left arm is quite sore and the pain seems to be getting worse. Odd. I’ve had 5 vaccines today in preparation for my trip to India. I decided against the rabies shot - (let’s hope that doesn’t backfire) - as I can get the shot following an animal bite should it happen. So long as I’m at the hospital within 24 hours of the bite - I should be fine. Otherwise I’m looking at 6 years of an awful death.. Hmmm.. not nice.

I have also acquired a stash of anti-biotics to fight against all sorts of illnesses - the main one being gastro. Wow did the doctor make that sound like fun! And what’s worse, is it appears there is no escaping gastro in India. Excellent!

Oh - and to top things off - I have learned about Malaria and Diphtheria. They too sound like fun. No.. not really. And the problem is there really isnt alot I can do accept wear alot of insect repellant.

It’s fascinating learning about the different ways to prepare for different countries. In Europe - I took nothing. In India - I am stocked up with medications. What a different world it must be.