Crazy weekend - crazy week ahead

Well it’s been a huge weekend. 9 months of planning for my partners surprise 30th birthday has finally paid off. I got all the boys here from around the country (and world) and they had an absolute blast. And I know my Owen was so thrilled to see them all as they were to see him. As one could imagine, this planning has taken over my life a little but now I can get focused again on my yoga practice and prep for India.

I’ve spent some time talking with Craig Mallett who is a PT and natural movement instructor. He runs workshops and retreats throughout the year, which is exactly what I want to do but in the world of yoga. Craig has some great contacts in Melbourne who he wants to hook me up with which is wonderful. It’s really exciting talking with people about my new plans, my new life, and hearing how supportive people are of this decision. I would love to partner with Craig at some stage and run a retreat. His training coupled with my yoga training could work beautifully together. Anything is possible!

This morning I went through the names of all the postures I have been learning so far. I’m getting a little quicker with the names which is a good sign. Only a few hundred more to learn!

Getting over the hurdle of Christmas will be good. My training regime is all over the place right now!

Tomorrow I will finally notify my employer of my resignation. I am so excited about this because of what this will mean on an emotional and symbolic level. This is it. This is the beginning of something new, exciting, terrifying… It’s happening! I would have notified my boss on the 24th but he will be on leave then. Therefore - tomorrow is it!