Making friends in India!

Chatting with a girlfriend yesterday, Lisa, she recommended I get in touch with my Shala and ask they distribute my email address to all the other students. This is so people can get in touch with me before class starts so we can try and organise our accommodation. I thought it was a fabulous idea so I did exactly that!

I emailed Indea Yoga last night and already one lovely woman, Brittany, has emailed to touch base. I’m thrilled! I can’t help but feel terribly nervous and lonely about the trip which lies ahead. I will miss Owen and my little pug Tyrone terribly. But knowing someone who will be there also makes it a little easier - or at least, a little less stressful.

Since Owen and I have moved into his parents house in the hills, I have felt so calm. I have my own room dedicated to yoga which is really special. I practice in there each morning with the sound of birds chirping outside. How magic! I feel I have been practicing more wholly, in a more focused way since being here. I am also committed to learning the Patanjali Yoga Sutra - but it’s tough.

Owen is in Melbourne working at the moment. I miss him so much, and this is only going to get worse once i officially leave. But at least we will both be learning / experiencing new things over the coming months. Owen will be in Melbourne and setting up our life there whilst Im hanging out in Mysore. Hopefully this will help with the homesick feelings. Being busy and learning new things will make time fly - for us both. This isn’t what I want to happen for us, but I certainly want to work out a way of easing the pain of being apart for so long… Hmm, Im not sure anything can.

Well, another big day complete. Only 8 more days of work left!!!!