Thank you All For Sticking By Me

Jessica Dewar Yoga_Happy Pants_big.jpg

This morning, following my classes, I sat in the centre of our empty studio, legs crossed in padmasana (lotus pose) and just smiled. I smiled because I could feel the energy of our students even though I was alone. I smiled because we are, together, creating something profound. Something that is helping others to get through some of the toughest struggles life can throw at us. I smiled because every student who comes to practice brings the most wonderful presence, a presence that makes our studio what it is today.  I began Jessica Dewar Yoga with a dream to make yoga accessible for all in pursuit of a kinder world. Turns out, I’m not the only one with this dream because one year on, here we are – still going and stronger than ever.

Every single day there are new challenges, new hurdles to overcome. I’ve made MANY errors over the past 12 months (and I think you’ve all read about my latest error. Fail is probably the more accurate description…) and still you all stand by me. Let’s just say I’m extremely grateful for having such a forgiving community! Never could I have anticipated the journey ahead when I decided to let go of my career and start my own business. Seriously people – I had NO IDEA! I read so many business books before starting on this journey but the reality is, nothing prepares you for real business. For working with real people. In a business no one has attempted here in Melbourne. Eek!

But upon reflection, I wouldn’t change a thing. As yoga teaches us stern lessons through our practice, business does too. I can absorb only what I am ready to hear, just as I can perform/practice asanas only that I am ready to practice. The learning is constant. The ebbs and flows are relentless. But this is the reality – not just of business or of yoga, but of life. And rather than see this as a negative, I’ve chosen to see every experience as a positive one – even if it’s me sleeping through my own class (I honestly don’t think I’ll ever live that one down).

I know my yoga practice has been fundamental to my growth as a business woman. It’s helped me to breathe through the challenging times, appreciate the little moments, laugh when I stuff up, cry when I should probably be laughing. I’ve been all over the place over the past year – physically and emotionally – and I’ve learned more about myself through this experience than I have in my entire life.

So whilst I receive many thanks from the community for making the studio accessible to all, really it is me who wants to thank all of you. Your ongoing support makes me want to be a better person. You make me want to do bigger and better things in the world because you’ve all welcomed me and my philosophy so warmly. You’ve encouraged me to keep going when times have been tough. Whilst I may be the teacher for many who read this blog today, I am equally your student.

So to all the students, teachers, local businesses who sponsor us, media who have helped to spread the word, suppliers, my partner, mum, my (to be – I hope) parents-in-law, my pooches…. and everyone who has shown support for our studio, from the bottom of my heart – “Thank you.”  For without you, reaching our first birthday would not have been possible.

Here’s to many more happy years ahead.

Love and gratitude to the max!

Jessica xx