Take the plunge and follow your heart - there is no other way

As a uni student I recall feeling hopeful my ‘life path’ would reveal itself to me. Being accepted into a Behavioural Science Psychology Honours degree, I thought, “surely this must the the ‘life path’ I’m meant to be on?!” No. Turns out, it doesn’t work that way. For years I’ve worked in the corporate world, as you all know, and never has this path felt ‘right’. Don’t get me wrong - I was great at what I did (still am) - but did I find that work meaningful or fulfilling in anyway. Short answer - no.

So today, whilst sitting on my mat typing away (after a very present practice this morning) I’m excited to share with the world that I’ve been selected to present at both the Melbourne Evolve Yoga Festival as well as YogaFest in Brisbane, which is Australia’s biggest yoga festival - both being held in October 2015. Held once annually, I’m absolutely blown away by being selected to present - at both!

Now let’s be honest here. I’m not a business woman and I don’t have a fancy studio to promote via these incredible opportunities, but really it’s not about that for me. It’s about finding opportunities to share yoga with the world. So with that mindset, and with these festivals coming up, I truly believe I must be on the right path now. Doors are opening which I never dreamed were possible only a few short months ago. Don’t get me wrong, these doors are not opening without any effort on my part. There is constant research, phone calls, emails etc being sent in search of new opportunities, but at the end of the day, with this input from myself, everything just seems to be falling into place. My dream to share my knowledge with others is being made available to me and I couldn’t be more excited and grateful.


So how do people know if something is right for them? Firstly, to be clear, I’m certainly not pretending to be a life coach or gifted person who can magically give these answers to people. I’m offering ideas purely from my own experiences. So with that said - to be completely honest, when I left for India, I didn’t know if yoga would be ‘right’ for me. I knew I loved it, but did I want to teach it to others? I just wasn’t sure at the time. I thought I did, but I could have had a very rude awakening in India that this was certainly not what I wanted for my life. So therefore quitting my job and leaving my family for 3 months was a big risk on my part - all for something I wasn’t 100% certain would lead to the desired outcome. Turns out, this was one of the best, if not the best, decision of my life. But it took risk, and more importantly, a belief in myself that I could get through this. The latter is essential.

A favourite quote of mine which I would like to share with you all is - “what would you do, or try, if you could not fail?” Think about that for a moment. I’m sure the list could be over the page in no time if you take a moment to answer this question with all your attention and heart. Once complete, then ask yourself, “what’s stopping me from doing these things?”. When you know this, you can then start planning how to overcome it. Remember, lift is happening now. Not tomorrow. So take the risk and do what makes you happy - you never know what doors will begin opening for you also.

Namaste xx

Feeling a little off center - bringing it back

I always knew it was going to be a challenge coming home, but it’s certainly been more challenging than anticipated. Having the ‘normal’ stresses back in my life is certainly a wake up call. Whether than be money, work, angry people in supermarkets… I’ve been finding myself constantly having to ‘check in’ and see how I’m feeling. To consciously choose not to be negatively impacted by this. To remember what I learned whilst traveling and the gratitude i felt for the life I have here. It’s still here - the gratitude, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say this can be a real challenge at times.

When I look deeply, I know a part of me is quite nervous about beginning classes next week. It’s an overwhelming fear of failing. But not trying would be the ultimate failure.

I’m prepared for no students showing up to my first few classes, as Bharath told us to expect. I haven’t got the funds for any real marketing at the moment, so this wouldn’t help with pulling students either…

Maybe my feeling of being a little off center is the reality of actually starting this new life. There is a part of me, an insecure part of self, which doesn’t feel worthy of such a wonderful path (teaching yoga). Again, this is something I need to work on actively - to remind myself that I am absolutely worth this. That I have worked hard to have this opportunity, and now it’s time to seek it. I know I’m not the only person out there who has such thoughts - this blog will no doubt resonate with many others. Hopefully, it will remind others to actively tell themselves they too are worth it. That they, you, deserve to see your dreams come true. The concept of death puts everything into perspective for me - and hopefully those following this blog - as morbid as it sounds, remembering that we only have this moment, right now. It shall never come again - so live it to it’s full, doing what you love. This reminder brings me back every time.

So, note to self - listen deeply, differentiate what’s true and untrue in your (my) mind, and always believe in yourself (myself). You’re the only one who can.

Namaste xx


It’s all about balance!

We are what we think

Presentations for our thesis’ have begun as of today. (I’m presenting tomorrow on migraines). Today’s topic, stroke, led onto many important discussions. Firstly, yoga can offer wonderful benefits to a stroke patient, helping them to regain motor movements etc. But bigger than that, is the person’s ability to challenge their mind and learn to believe in their own ability to become stronger - regardless of illness, disease, injury.

This is a fundamental problem, not only in yoga, but in life. When looking at yoga specifically,  people are often so fearful they will hurt themselves (myself included - don’t get me wrong). This fear stems from a lack of belief in ones own ability to do something, Chakrasana for example. But this fear stops people from reaching heights they never thought imaginable. “We are what we think.” This so important for people to remember. If we think we are ill, we are ill; if we think we are depressed or anxious, then we are depressed or anxious; if we think we have chronic back pain and will never be able to do Sirsasana - guess what, you never will and the pain will follow you everywhere you go. I’ve been there. Believe me. And it’s something I have to work on daily (in various areas). But it’s through a willingness to learn and trust the body that the monumental benefits of this practice can help people. When looking into illnesses or diseases, these are so many problems in the world which could be cured just from a more positive frame of mind (yoga aside).

My teacher was run over by a bus at age 19, with 36 passengers on it. He spent 44 days on his back in the hospital unable to move at all. He was told his yoga days were over. He was also told that if he didn’t agree to have surgery on his shattered left thigh (which had tyre marks on it for months later apparently) or shit shattered left ankle, then he would lose his legs. My teacher knew he could heal his own body - it’s ever changing. We have a completely new body every 200 days, and he knew this. He also knew he would return to yoga no matter what it took. Other than his legs and ankle, he had severe sciatica, slipped disc in his back, dislocated knee and also damaged left shoulder. Today, he experiences no pain. My teacher, Bharath, is now a world leading practitioner who travels all over to teach at international events. Here, I watch him fly into asanas which I dream to do one day. His strength, flexibility and stillness of the mind is inspirational, and this story is a fantastic example of what can be achieved if we want it enough. Remember - “we are what we think”

My commitment to myself is to always; challenge myself, think positively and let go of the fear. Infinite possibilities are on the otherside. For me, this is truly living.

Namaste xx

Life in Gokulam, Mysore

Making more friends - "Hello Sirsasana!"

The mind is so powerful. It can hold us back from pursuing and achieving what we truly desire in life or it can see us excel and meet our wildest dreams. In theory, people know this. I’m not saying anything new here - but in practice, it’s a little more challenging to apply. Yoga is a fantastic way of challenging the mind, our beliefs, our fears. For me, Sirsasana is one posture I never believed I could do. Even when our teacher assured two weeks ago that we could all do it, I was sitting in class thinking - “I’m sure everyone else can, but I know I can’t. I’ve been trying for over a year and failed miserably”. Well, I was proven wrong today. Today - I was up! Whilst holding the position I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. In fact, writing this now I can’t wipe the smile off my face. You see - achieving an asana like Sirsasana - The King of Kings - means so much more than achieving something physical. Here, there is a connection of the body, breath and mind, and when these become one, working in unison, then we can achieve great things in life (beyond asanas). I consider an asana as a symbol of our own power. If we can challenge ourselves to keep trying, to be patient, to learn the correct techniques, then anything is possible. Today, I proved this to myself and I feel so incredibly happy with this achievement. So much so, I didn’t want to wait until tonight to blog about it. Also, my hips are fantastic today. I sat in one position for about 40 minutes before having to move. That is 100% unheard of for me! Normally, I’m the squirmer in the class moving from cross legged to one leg bent back to cross legged because I feel like my hips are about to explode. But not today! It seems my body is finally beginning to surrender to the practice which is exciting. Again, through commitment, dedication and a desire to achieve it’s amazing what beautiful things can happen.

As of this week, our schedule will also include attendance at Mysore Style classes. Here we are to observe the students and how they train in this type of class. People travel from all over the world to train Mysore Style so I am looking forward to sitting in. I wasn’t selected to sit in today but at some stage this week I will.

This morning I will prepare to teach Surya Namaskara - one part of me hopes to be selected as I have prepared well, the other part hopes I’m not. Well see, shall we!

Namaste xx


Clearly not me, but you get the idea!!