How's the serenity...

This mornings Surya Namaskara class was the final class for those doing the 250+hr TTC, meaning the time afterward was ours to do what we choose with it. What an odd feeling that was. Having the freedom to do, go, be anywhere without worrying about missing class. I was thrilled. Not because class is finished, but because I can have a moment to stop and breathe. To regain some energy, as I am certainly a little worn out at the moment. For those of us who will be completing the 500+hr TTC, we will return to class on the 10th of March, with a light dinner on the 9th with Bharath. There are only six of us continuing on for the 500 hours, which is nice in a way as we will have more intimate time with Bharath.

I returned to the Shala briefly this morning to pay my 4800 Ind Rupees to train in the Mysore Style classes next week. I feel its important to keep up my practice during our holidays. Yes, I will be training twice daily still but the rest of the time in between is mine, so I am still taking a holiday. Its the study which makes it so much more intensive. Not having to worry about exams of thesis’ (for now) makes a huge difference.

Afterward I wandered down to see Ganesh to chat about my tour post training. It turns out part of my tour will include the boat ride on the Ganges in Varanasi. Here I can watch the morning cremation ceremonies. After the shock I got yesterday seeing a perfectly intact dead body being carried down the street, God knows how I will feel after seeing the cremation sites! But, it’s a must do while I’m here. Considering Varanasi is the most spiritual place in all of India, I must get myself there.

I then wandered casually to Anu’s home (Ganesh’s wife) for lunch. I ended up sitting here for about two and a half hours. It was so nice being able to just ‘stop’. To enjoy my over sized buffet meal (I really didn’t need to eat as much as I did), followed by an unnecessary vegan chocolate, banana and coconut smoothie. Why not! I met three nice people from Washington DC whilst there. Two girls and a hilariously camp guy, Michael. This man had me in stitches after telling his story of how he just drank a glass of tap water! With headphones in and dancing around his kitchen whilst making breakfast, he said he didn’t think about the fact that he couldn’t drink the water and, whilst on autopilot, drank it! We were all squirming at the thought. He described his panicked thoughts which followed after he realised the fatal error. “I wasn’t sure if I should make myself vomit, take laxatives or try and wash it down… What do I do?!” The way he was describing the problem was very funny, however in reality this poor man is in for a rough few days. Considering he just flew in yesterday, it’s going to be a very unpleasant welcome from India.


My afternoon has been very relaxed. Chatting with my Owen is always my highlight of the day. That and getting pictures from Trish of the pooch. What I can’t believe is that I have been here for over a month already. Time really has flown. And the missing of my little family is growing.

Drinking lots of tea with soy, listening to James Blunt and responding to emails has been such a luxury. I certainly have a whole new appreciation for free time since being here.

Tomorrow, Meet and I are going to the Green Hotel for lunch. It’s a lovely resort here which has a fantastic reputation for its food and accommodation. I’m looking forward to seeing this place as many people have spoken about it. I am also going to look into getting a castor oil bath/massage from this place called the Three Sisters. Apparently not for the shy or faint hearted, as you’re essentially naked whilst they work on you front and back, its meant to be a deeply relaxing experience. Maybe I will make an appointment to go next Saturday. We’ll see.

Oh, and before I go. An update on my friend in reception who injured his foot. He returned to work last night (and did the overnight shift sleeping on the couch) with a cast on his left foot. It turns out he had actually broken his ankle. It wasn’t a full break, but it was bad enough to require a cast. The poor guy. I still can’t believe management made him complete his entire shift, and continue helping them with pushing motorbikes around downstairs, opening and closing gates, running up and down the driveway to help the owners with their vehicles. It’s ridiculous. But, there is not a lot I can do, so it’s not helpful to dwell.

On that note, I’m thinking it’s time for another tea and I might do some light reading. Ahh, the serenity.


Namaste xx


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This is how you cut tiles!

Travel Doctor! There are scary things in the world...

Well, my left arm is quite sore and the pain seems to be getting worse. Odd. I’ve had 5 vaccines today in preparation for my trip to India. I decided against the rabies shot - (let’s hope that doesn’t backfire) - as I can get the shot following an animal bite should it happen. So long as I’m at the hospital within 24 hours of the bite - I should be fine. Otherwise I’m looking at 6 years of an awful death.. Hmmm.. not nice.

I have also acquired a stash of anti-biotics to fight against all sorts of illnesses - the main one being gastro. Wow did the doctor make that sound like fun! And what’s worse, is it appears there is no escaping gastro in India. Excellent!

Oh - and to top things off - I have learned about Malaria and Diphtheria. They too sound like fun. No.. not really. And the problem is there really isnt alot I can do accept wear alot of insect repellant.

It’s fascinating learning about the different ways to prepare for different countries. In Europe - I took nothing. In India - I am stocked up with medications. What a different world it must be.