I'm just travelin' thru

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not well at the moment, or just exhausted from the week just gone, but I’m feeling a little emotional this morning. I was a little slow with my self-practice this morning. No Sirsasana today. It’s incredible what you notice within your own body when you slowly become more attuned to it. A small ache here, a pulse there. It’s quite amazing. But i think with this comes heightened emotions also.

I’m feeling a little lonely today. The little things keep you going when you miss home - like changing the water of my Valentines Day flowers to try and keep them going a little longer, reading a hand written note from my Owen, wrapping myself in my pug shawl from Tara-Ellen and JB. I was devastated earlier in the week when I finished my special chocolates mum, Alex and Joanne got me. I looked so forward to having one each day (I was rationing them), but sadly they came to an end. It really is the little things which mean more than people realise to someone who is out of their comfort zone, alone in the world.

This morning, for some reason, I have been thinking a lot about what Owen and I have been through these past few years. We have challenged our relationship that many times by whole heartedly supporting the choices and desires of the other. But it’s because of this that we have grown so close and are more in love every day. This morning I have been humming a tune which reminds me of the first time Owen and I said goodbye to one another to pursue dreams of travel (a very sad day). It’s just a very special song which I think applies to most people, whether they realise it or not. I certainly feel a little this way right now. xx