Yay for Ganesh!

So it turns out since getting my original quote for flights to Bangalore, they have gone up about $300! Not so good when you are about to quit your job and survive on what’s left - if anything!

I can get a flight via Dubai which will get me into Bangalore at 6.30pm, which will mean I will arrive in Mysore at around midnight - but that should be ok.

I have contacted Ganesh in Gokulum (recommended for taxi driving services) and he is more than happy to arrange for a driver to meet me at that time of night. I felt awfully sad when his email made a point of letting him know if a change of plan occurs as the drivers will just keep waiting!! I get the feeling its going to be a huge culture shock in India compared to what I have seen of the world thus far.

Sanskrit update - terrible! What a challenging language. i know all of about 5 posture names and the rest is… well… not sticking! Owen is going to create a poster for me with all the postures and their names. That will be really helpful!