Reflecting on 2017... the Jessica way

Glamourous beach yoga photo shoot

Glamourous beach yoga photo shoot

A few moments later...

A few moments later...


Ok, this is bulls*#t. I’ve written three blogs and I am so stuck for words – or at least stuck finding how to string words together in a way that makes sense. I’m trying to write a deep felt post about the year just been and the year that is ahead, and for whatever reason I am completely stuck. Then I feel annoyed with myself as I feel I should be writing something profound to start the year off. Well folks – unfortunately, I have nothing profound to share… Which I have come to accept and actually laugh about hence this revised, uncensored blog now. So here I am, writing this post as a way of trying to get things moving in my mind.

What were some of the things I wanted to share?

Ok – I’m home from Adelaide and Victor Harbor. Yes, that is something I wanted to share. Or moreso to talk about how I feel following this trip. So lets start there. There is nothing more wonderful than being home with family. Even when it gets chaotic, being with family is so special. And as I now live away from home, my time spent with family has become even more precious.

Highlights and lessons learned from 2017 – yes I wanted to share this too as sometimes a bit of reflection helps set the trajectory for the future.  Well, without blabbering on as I had in my previous blog attempt, here is a list of highlights and lessons I was excited to share with you all:

  • My annual trip to India. It is so inspiring returning to my Shala each year.
  • Getting help! Running a business is a huge amount of work, and having the support of other teachers has made the growth of our studio, Jessica Dewar Yoga, possible.
  • Winter Yoga Challenge held in August 2017. We had a phenomenal number of students committed to this Challenge, all of who received amazing prizes from local businesses. We gave away over $10k in prizes. OMG! The 2018 Summer Challenge: 28-Days of Yoga is going to be even bigger I think!
  • I feel our timetable is finally taking shape. There has been a lot of trial and error when it comes to working out the best class times for our community, and I think we are now in a great place.
  • Our Beginners Yoga: 4-Week Intro Programs were amazing. Super popular and almost always booked out, we’ve had so much fun introducing so many new students to the practice of yoga.
  • Reducing the number of classes I personally teach each week. When I began Jessica Dewar Yoga, I was teaching in the vicinity of 26 classes a week. Eek! Whilst I love to teach, this was too much. With the help of my wonderful teachers, I’ve been able to scale these down which has also meant more time for my personal practice at a less crazy hour than 3.30am.
  • Expanding our Private Yoga services.
  • Raising money for Animals Australia with the support of our community at the end of year Christmas Event.
  • Partnering with these wonderful businesses:
  1. 2XU Camberwell
  2. Elevation Floatation
  3. The Petal Provedore
  4. Village Cinemas
  5. The Source Bulk Foods Camberwell
  6. Coltivare
  7. Stretch Now
  8. Camberwell Osteopath
  9. Hawthorn Health and Dietetics
  10. Australian Yoga Life Magazine
  11. Lululemon: Camberwell, Chadstone and South Yarra
  12. Wildbag Nutrition
  13. Aspire Medilife Melbourne
  • Deciding to go gluten free
  • Deciding to stop being gluten free (because bagels)
  • Adopting little Lola from Pug Rescue and Adoption Victoria
  • Enrolling in a Beginner Watercolour Painting course
  • Reverting back to my handwritten daily diary. All these latest fandangle online schedulers are just too complicated for me. Pen and paper works fine.

So on a final note if this blog is any indication, just remember things don’t always go to plan and that is OK. And it is OK for that to be OK. OK?

Here’s to an amazing 2018!

Much love,

Stuck for words, Jessica. xx