Is it really yoga?

I think it’s time for an update, which i know is long overdue!

So, I’ve been back in Australia for just over a week now and in that time I’ve seen family in Adelaide, traveled to Victor Harbor to spend a night with mum (I miss her), driven to Lorne with my little family (Owen and the pooch) for our relaxing two day holiday, and moved into (trying to move into) our new home in Melbourne. Let’s just say it’s been a crazy, but fun, week.

Here in Melbourne I’m starting to get the wheels in motion for beginning my own studio. I’ve visited a hall today, chatted with a number of venue hire people, looked at advertising tactics to try and get my first student. It’s all very exciting. The hall I visited today was very basic but could possibly work. There is nothing flash about it - its dark, has an old and run down kitchen and toilet, but the area is functional. I will continue to look but this could be a good starting point as the rent is relatively cheap (and I will no doubt be making no profit for a little while - and with little money in the bank, cheap rent is important). 

I posted an ad on GumTree to see if anyone has a space in Melbourne, so something may come of this, but I’m yet to hear. What has happened, however, is I got my first student!! A man who is MMA trained wants to work on his flexibility. The strength is there for this martial art but he needs help opening his hips to improve his training. He has also requested private lessons with me as he wants to really work on his practice. How exciting!!! Now I just need to lock in a space.

Tonight I attended possibly the worst ‘yoga’ class I’ve ever been to in my life (I actually cannot call it yoga - it was that terrible). I’m in the process of approaching local studios to offer assistance as a teacher and this particular studio was happy to meet with me. When I arrived I saw they were doing aerial yoga, but I thought the Restorative Class i was going to attend would at least be a normal class. Turns out this was aerial also. Although I wanted to walk out right away, I decided to stay and see what this was all about. But unfortunately it seems I’ve possibly injured my back, ankles and wrists doing this uncoordinated, simply dreadful class. I didn’t think I could miss my Shala more than what I have since leaving, but tonight I MISSED my Shala.

With a good laugh which will no doubt last for sometime to come, I’m feeling a little more confident about teaching!

I’m very excited about teaching. It’s going to be so wonderful. I just need to be patient and let everything happen as it’s meant to.
I will be sure to keep you posted.

Namaste xx