Surya Namaskara

I’m getting quite proud of myself. I’m beginning to successfully recall the postures in Sanskrit. I still have a long way to go but at least Im headed in the right direction. I also chanted to the Yoga Sutras. Wow - is that difficult! The words make no sense at all to me, and quite possibly most people in the world, and even trying to hear the pronunciation is difficult.  It makes sense why we have been told to commit to daily practice now.

I’m struggling to get up in the mornings at the moment, which is odd for me. Owen’s thinks I may have a virus.  Or it may be that I’m terribly bored and depressed at work. In fact the latter is the more likely reason.

I didn’t resign today. I’ve decided to hold off until next Monday when I have more chance of being granted my final day being the 27th of Jan.

Well - off to bed. Tomorrow is my final day at work, Christmas Eve, which is exciting. Then 4 days off! Woot!