Shit’s about to hit the fan!

Well… the time has come. If ever there is a time when I will feel completely vulnerable in a public setting, it’s going to be tomorrow.

As I have mentioned along the way, there is an incredible energy in a yoga classroom, especially when you have been training with the same people for 9+ hours a day for 2 months. There is a connection with everyone. An intimacy. But not to the level where we are all prepared to not only poo with everyone around, but have explosive, repeated diarrhea. This is going to bring those relationships to a whole new level. How I look to someone from my class today, may not be how I look to them after 7.00am tomorrow morning. And vice versa.

With towel and toilet paper ready to go, tomorrow morning at 6.00am (I’m in the second group. The first group is starting at 4.45am) I will begin the Shanka Praksalana Kriya. For 2 days we have been preparing our gut for this by eating very specific, light foods. Today we have all pretty much fasted all day as this will make the ‘process’ much easier tomorrow morning. You want to get those bowels emptied as quickly as possible, and with as little difficulty as possible.

Looking to the purpose of this Kriya. It’s like having a shower. If we are dirty, we like to wash our hair and clean our skin, leaving us feeling fresh. The same goes for the digestive tract. It is full of all sorts of impurities, dirt, and so we are essentially washing our insides. In doing so, there will be incredible benefits to the body. For example, our immune system will be boosted, its flushing our abdominal organs, cures constipation, IBS, inflammatory bowel disorders, malabsorption syndrome, indigestion, piles etc. The list of benefits goes on and on. So this is in no way harmful to the body. What can, however, be harmful to the body is poor preparation and post preparation of the digestive tract. We have eaten a very specific diet in preparation for tomorrow and then following the ordeal Bharath’s wife and assistant is cooking a very bland kitchari for us all. As the lining of the intestines no longer has the protective mucus layer, we need to be careful with the level of acidity of the food with ingest immediately after (especially) and for the following two days. A bland kitchari contains good fats and is an easily digestible, non irritable food (rice). Vegan kitchari is being made for me, with olive oil, however ghee is meant to be the best oil to use in this first meal.

So on that note, I shall leave it there. I now need to meditate and prepare myself for the morning. Fingers crossed I make it through… See you on the other side!

Namaste xx


White is all they have at my apartment building…